Promising results for bioprosthetic SAVR in patients under 60 years old
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Promising results for bioprosthetic SAVR in patients under 60 years old

The recently updated ESC/EACTS Guidelines contain two […]

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Promising results for bioprosthetic SAVR in patients under 60 years old

The recently updated ESC/EACTS Guidelines contain two key changes in the recommendations for prosthetic valve selection:1

  • A new Class IIb recommendation for bioprostheses in patients already on long-term NOACs
  • An upgraded Class I recommendation for bioprostheses in patients for whom good-quality anticoagulation is unlikely or contraindicated, and in patients whose life-expectancy is lower than the presumed durability of the valve

Importantly, the desire of the informed patient remains central to prosthetic valve selection. Valve durability in young patients is an important consideration, but long-term data on bioprosthetic SAVR have been limited.

INDURE registry

INDURE is a prospective, open-label, multicentre registry that is tackling this issue head-on. INDURE has enrolled over 400 patients aged up to 60 years who are undergoing SAVR with the INSPIRIS RESILIA valve in 21 sites across Europe and Canada. Patients are being followed up for five years, with echocardiograms analysed by Echo Core Laboratory at years one and five.2,3

One-year results from the first 435 patients were reported at the 2021 EACTS Annual Meeting. Younger patients (up to 50 years old) in the registry were more likely to have a bicuspid aortic valve or aortic valve regurgitation at baseline than patients aged 51–60 years, but were less likely to have aortic stenosis, hypertension or diabetes.3

Excellent haemodynamic outcomes at 1 year

The excellent haemodynamic outcomes were comparable in the younger and older patient groups. 

Plus, preliminary safety outcomes demonstrated low all-cause mortality and no confirmed cases of valve-related mortality up to one year. Rates of endocarditis and stroke were low (<1%). There were no cases of stage 3 SVD.

The INDURE registry will continue to provide clinical evidence on the use of the INSPIRIS RESILIA valve in young patients for the next 5 years.


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