Patients: At the heart of what you do
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Patients: At the heart of what you do

Patients are at the core of the new ESC/EACTS guidelines. […]

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Patients: At the heart of what you do

Patients are at the core of the new ESC/EACTS guidelines. The recommendation for patient-focused decision making covers all therapeutic areas. 

Key points include:  

Informed patient choice is crucial

Patient life expectancy and quality of life should be considered

Patient-centred evaluation is at the heart of ensuring informed treatment choice is offered to patients

Prosthetic valve selection should be made during Heart Team evaluation, and with consideration of the patient’s preferences

The patient-centred approach

Patient-centred decision making should be made by a fully collaborative Heart Team, right from clinical evaluation, imaging assessment through to intervention selection. Learn more about the importance of the Heart Team here.  

All pieces of the puzzle need to fit together, to understand patient preferences and robustly diagnose and evaluate each patient, in order to come to a joint decision on treatment choice.

Prosthetic valve selection

To ensure the right treatment for each patient, every time, your patient should be given the opportunity to make an informed choice, and any decisions should be made in close collaboration with the Heart Team. 

Involve your patients when it comes to:  

    • Understanding their lifestyle, any impact of anti-coagulation or the possibility of future re-do surgical, or transcatheter surgery
    • Informing them of the influence of age in valve selection, particularly where life expectancy is less than bioprosthesis durability
    • How valve selection will impact quality of life, whether this is an impact on diet or return to active lifestyle
    • Understanding the potential risks and benefits of any potential intervention

The guidelines give a clear recommendation on when tissue valves should be selected, find out more here 

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