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Apr 11 2022


Jul 23 2018

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Jul 13 2018

Fair long-term outcomes after multiple reoperations on the aortic valve
Mortality and long-term outcomes are key considerations when performing multiple reoperations on the aortic valve (AV).

Jan 19 2018

New ESC position statement on managing tricuspid valve regurgitation
ESC position statement on tricuspid regurgitation published in EJCTS.

Sep 06 2017

Access to the Mitral Valve
Image Kit on Access to the Mitral

Jul 19 2017

Tricuspid valve repair leads to better outcomes in left-sided valve surgery
Repairing the tricuspid valve during left-sided valve surgery reduces the risk of tricuspid regurgitation and cardiac-related mortality,

Jun 02 2017

Long-term durability outcomes of mitral valve repair in degenerative disease
Evidence from large trials with long-term follow-up

May 18 2017

Seven variables predict probability of successful mitral valve repair
Assessing seven different variables before surgery can accurately predict the risk of an unsuccessful mitral valve repair. Researchers have devised a ‘scoring method’ using these variables which could assist cardiologists’ decisions when referring patients.

May 01 2017

Important Elements Around the Mitral Annulus
Image Kit on Mitral Annulus

Feb 20 2017