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December 1, 2020

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The EACTS Annual Meeting transitioned to a fully virtual format in October 2020 and Edwards Lifesciences have attended a large number of the scientific sessions to bring you a special guide to this year’s online scientific content.

This Edwards session summary repository covers approximately 300 highly informative presentations on a range of topics. Areas covered include basic translational science and regulatory pathways, training and case demonstrations. Further sessions of interest cover a wide variety of conventional and cutting edge cardiac procedures, and the latest data from key trials and real-world studies in a range of difficult-to-treat patient types.

We hope that you will find the content insightful, informative and useful in your daily practice and we would like to thank EACTS for allowing access to, and use of this valuable information and for enabling continued discussions after the Annual Meeting.

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Surgical Structural Heart, Europe.

Area of interest 1: Aortic regurgitation and BAV

Session TitleSession TypeSession DescriptionModerator(s)  
What we know about BAV aortopathyFocus sessionLooking at the anatomy and management of BAV aortopathy, including repair versus replacement and a review of the current literatureR De Paulis
M Erlich
2020 the Odyssey of bicuspid aortic valve repairProfessional challengePresentations highlighting current trends in decision making, interpreting results of clinical trials for discussion with the Heart TeamU Benedetto
M Gaudino

Area of interest 2: Aortic root and aorta surgery

Session TitleSession TypeSession DescriptionModerator(s)ViewDownload
Ross operation - colibri or predictable procedure?Focus sessionThe rationale and indication of the Ross procedure, overview of current techniques, selection of appropriate treatments and management of complicationsP Myers
E Charitos
Aortic valve, RoOss(n-Kolynnof)AbstractThis session included presentations providing the Surgeon’s and cardiologist’s perspectives on neonatal valve stenosis management and summarising the details of Ross (-Konno) operations and appropriate follow-upL. Vricella
Strategies and outcomes on aortic type A aortic dissectionAbstractCovering current strategies and outcomes for the treatment of acute type A aortic dissectionA Martens
Acute type A aortic dissection: a tailored approach for a dynamic diseaseFocus sessionPresenting surgical approaches in acute type A aortic dissection or those raising awareness of contemporary devices to extend repair beyond classical approachesW Harringer
M Borger

Area of interest 3: Aortic valve

Session TitleSession TypeSession DescriptionModerator(s)ViewDownload
Alternatives to standard aortic prosthesisAbstractSummarising the latest clinical and haemodynamic data from the SURD-IR registry, and a report of clinical outcomes and haemodynamic performance of the INSPIRIS RESILIA valveM Moon
Evidence- based decision making in aortic valve surgeryFocus sessionSessions including an overview of the use of bioprostheses in younger patients and data showing that long-term survival is not influenced by type of prosthesis (mechanical versus biological)F Casselman
Edwards - Treatment of aortic stenosis: new learnings for the decadeIndustry sponsored sessionThis was an Edwards sponsored satellite symposium led by Professor Jose Pomar and including presentations focussing on INSPIRIS RESILIA and the clinical evidence on its feasibility and real-world performance and outcomesJ L Pomar
Aortic valve journeyOn-demand sessionSummarising early and long-term results of aortic valve replacement and highlighting contemporary outcomes of surgical aortic valve replacement
Potpourri on aortic valve replacementOn-demand sessionReviewing the mid-term results of the Ross procedure in adults, insights from SURD-IR, 30-day outcomes from the INCA registry (INTUITY Elite) and

Area of interest 4: Coronary artery bypass disease and heart failure

Session TitleSession TypeSession DescriptionModerator(s)ViewDownload
Controversies in coronary artery bypass graftingAbstractPresentation of data on some of the most controversial topics in coronary surgery; the diagnosis of peri-operative myocardial infarction; event rates after revascularization for left main disease and outcomes of revascularization in patients with acute coronary syndromes; and endarterectomy and stent- endarterectomy resultsT Doenst
Surgery for the left ventricle: Less is more? More is less?AbstractReviewing surgical approaches to hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy and the role of left ventricular reconstruction and interventional surgeryL Menicanti
Y Woo
Heart transplantation – is it time for a change to the dogmaFocus sessionAn overview of new technologies and challenges in heart transplantation and a Live-in-a-box DCD heart retrieval case demonstrationJ Gummert
C Gollmann- Tepekyl
Challenging scenarios in CABGFocus sessionLooking at surgical strategies and techniques to deal with complex scenarios in CABG, procedural challenges, and the decision-making processT Doenst
T Kieser

Area of interest 5: Evidence-based medicine and guidelines

Session TitleSession TypeSession DescriptionModerator(s)ViewDownload
Late breaking trials and evidence updateFocus sessionAn update on new trials, including REFORM-MR and EXPLANT-TAVR registry dataM Siepe
D Capodanno
Trial and evidence updatePlenaryThis plenary session included presentations on SYNTAX scoring in coronary artery interventions and 10-year results from the RAPCO trial in CABG; clinical guidelines for treatment of aortic stenosis; an update from the PARTNER III trial; and real-world outcomes from the TVT registryJ Mandrola
F Beyersdorf
N Freemantle
GuidelinesFocus sessionExpert consensus from EACTS, STS and AATS valve labelling force and essential information on surgical heart valve characteristics for optimal valve prosthesis selectionA Jeppsson
M Siepe
The value of long-term resultsAbstractPresentations on the best time to treat concomitant mild A.R in untreated patients following mitral valve surgery; the impact of anticoagulant therapy on long-term outcomes in patients with a mechanical prosthetic valve; and a comparison of outcomes for mechanical versus biological valves in patients with end-stage renal diseaseJ Alcocer
AATS @ EACTSFocus sessionAn historical review of aortic root procedures; and the origins of, and evolving relationship between, the AATS and EACTS, and their symbiotic futureB Keogh
D Wood

Area of interest 6: Infection and its impact

Session TitleSession TypeSession DescriptionModerator(s)ViewDownload
What’s new in the infective endocarditis surgery?AbstractReviewing the impact of 2009 ESC guidelines on restricting the use of antibiotic prophylaxis and summarising data supporting the clinical benefits of minimally invasive surgery for mitral valve endocarditisM Di Eusanio
COVID-19AbstractThe impact of COVID-19 on cardiac surgery across Europe and highlighted the role of ECMO support in patients with COVID-19F Beyersdorf
EACTS-STS joint session: the last line of defence for the infected aorta. Beyond boutique procedures PART 1Professional challengeThe professional challenges around the diagnosis and treatment of patients with aortic root and prosthetic aorta infections; and a Live-in-a-box session demonstrating reconstruction in aortic root endocarditisM Grabenwöger
D Pacini
EACTS-STS joint session: the last line of defence for the infected aorta. Beyond boutique procedures PART 2Professional challengeFurther considerations on professional challenges and the diagnosis and treatment of patients with aortic root and prosthetic aorta infections; and another Live-in-a-box session demonstrating reoperation for prosthetic infection of the descending or thoraco-abdominal aortaM Grimm
E Quintana

Area of interest 7: Minimally invasive surgery

Session TitleSession TypeSession DescriptionModerator(s)ViewDownload
Small incisions and big operationsFocus sessionPresentations on the indication and technical aspects of minimally invasive and CABG techniques to personalise the grafting technique for each individual patientG Torregrossa
Less is more or more is less?AbstractThe benefits and evidence for the use of MIS; and summary data showing recovery from conduction disturbances at 1 year with the Edwards INTUITY valveG Gerosa
Minimally- invasive and robotic cardiac surgery: is this the future standard of care?AbstractAn overview of the current status of robotic and minimally invasive cardiac surgery; and presentations on resection of tumours; myocardial protection strategy; congenital heart disease; and the impact of post-operative fast track on cardiac patients’ management and outcomesT Holubec
Challenges in minimally invasive mitral surgeryFocus sessionPresenting on a review of knowledge of interventional treatment options for valvular heart disease; and presentations on preventing complications in minimally invasive mitral surgery; and robotic approaches to mitral surgeryF Beyersdorf
S Jacobs

Area of interest 8: Mitral and tricuspid valve

Session TitleSession TypeSession DescriptionModerator(s)ViewDownload
Tricuspid valve surgery: going beyond the common scenariosFocus sessionInsights into new and innovative techniques and reviewed approaches in the management of tricuspid regurgitationF Casselman
G Faerber
Trends and outcomes of mitral repair: the role of age and etiologyAbstractDemonstrating how patient outcomes have improved over 15 years, despite the increasing age of patients and covered the issue of repair versus replacement, summarising current thinking in the ongoing debateN Bonaros
Optimizing patient selection and surgical options in isolated and concomitant triscuspid surgeryAbstractIndications and outcomes of isolates and concomitant tricuspid valve surgery and reported long-term results of tricuspid annuloplasty with 3D ringsR Klautz
Secondary mitral regurgitationFocus sessionAn overview of indications for surgicaland percutaneous interventions in FMRM Borger
Technical pearls in mitral valve repair: surgical video tour in Barlow's diseaseFocus sessionLearnings from experts in the field on common and innovative ways of treating mitral regurgitation in the complex setting of Barlow’s diseaseM. De Bonis
R. Klautz
Open Questions in mitral and tricuspid surgeryAbstract (On-Demand)Considerations of minimally invasive versus robotic minimally invasive outcomes (including PERIMOUNT); and techniques in tricuspid valve surgery

Area of interest 9: New techniques, regulatory aspects and training

Session TitleSession TypeSession DescriptionModerator(s)ViewDownload
Techno-collegeTechno-collegeLive-in-a-box demonstrations of a selection of valve surgeriesH Treede
Regulatory translating basic research of cardiothoracic surgeons to the clinicFocus sessionPresentations in this session overviewed the regulatory processes involved in the approval of medical devices and investigational medical drug productsH Treede
Translational Research in Cardiac SurgeryAbstractThis session included basic science and provided insights into host-biovalve interaction and the physiological consequences of skeletonised internal mammary artery harvesting, balloon pump placement and microvascular obstruction in relation to lactateHJ Ankersmit
Techno-collegeTechno-collegeMore Live-in-a-box demonstrations of a selection of valve surgeriesJ Kempfert
Residents - a trainee’s biggest nightmareFocus sessionA review of different cases, including TAVI, heart failure and aorticS Syrjälä
P Myers
A survival guide for the Heart Team: what should you know to convince your cardiologistsFocus sessionCovering current trends in decision making and interpreting results of clinical trials for discussion with the Heart TeamU Benedetto
M Gaudino

Area of interest 10: Transcatheter aortic and mitral

Session TitleSession TypeSession DescriptionModerator(s)ViewDownload
Transcatheter aortic and mitral valve therapiesAbstractThe application of principles and techniques for TAVI; and the identification and selection of treatment for patients with comorbidities, complex heart disease and valvular heart diseaseF Maisano
Transcatheter therapy - if there is more than one lesionFocus sessionAn in-depth review covering the principles and techniques for TAVI; identification and selection of treatment for complex patients; patients with comorbidities and complex heart disease; and conventional surgical treatments for heart failureJ Kempfert
T Noack
New insights in minimally invasive and transcatheter approaches for degenerative mitral regurgitationAbstractOverview of surgical and transcatheter approaches for the treatment of degenerative mitral valve disease and focussed on minimally invasive options, as well as stratification and prevention of complicationsJF Obadia
Transcatheter mitral valve replacement in 2020 - Are we there yet?Focus sessionFocus session looking at TMVR devices, clinical results and patient selection for surgical, percutaneous approachesN Van Mieghem
A Van Linden

EACTS 2020: Annual Meeting Coverage of scientific sessions

Session TitleSession TypeSession DescriptionModerator(s)ViewDownload
EACTS 2020 - Annual Meeting
Coverage of scientific sessions
AbstractEdwards Lifesciences Presents:
Scientific sessions coverage from the 34th Annual Meeting of the European Association For
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