Multicenter, large scale, propensity-weighted comparison of three aortic bioprostheses: Conventional stented, new-generation stented and rapid-deployment

Prof Augusto D’Onofrio

No clinical data are available that evaluate the long‐term impact of RESILIA tissue in patients. Refer to device instructions for use for important warnings related to VFit technology. These features have not been observed in clinical studies to establish the safety and effectiveness of the model 11500A for use in valve‐in‐valve procedures. VFit technology is available on sizes 19–25 mm.
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Important safety information:
Use of the EDWARDS INTUITY Elite valve system may be associated with new or worsened conduction disturbances, which may require a permanent cardiac pacemaker implant (PPI). The rate of PPI for the EDWARDS INTUITY Elite valve is within the range reported in the literature for various rapid deployment valves, but higher than that reported for surgical aortic valves. Physicians should assess the benefits and risks of the EDWARDS INTUITY Elite valve prior to implantation. See instructions for use for additional information.
Medical device for professional use. For a listing of indications, contraindications, precautions, warnings, and potential adverse events, please refer to the Instructions
for Use (consult eifu.edwards.com where applicable).

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