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Leisure-time physical activity may lower all-cause mortality

Leisure-time physical activity may lower all-cause mortality

January 10, 2017

A study on  2,456 adults who were between 65 and 74 years old shows that finnish older adults that regularly engaged in leisure-time physical activity had fewer risks of all-cause mortality, cardiovascular disease mortality and incident cardiovascular events.  

The researchers classified leisure-time physical activity as high if adults participated in recreational sports or intense training or sports competitions for at least three hours per week.

The benefits of physical activity were independent of education and marital status and were related to major cardiovascular disease risk factors such as smoking, body mass index, systolic blood pressure and total cholesterol.

Still, the study have some aknowledged limitations, such as the single assessed physical activity and other risk factors at the beginning of the follow-up period. Also physical activity was assessed based on a semi-quantitative questionnaire.



Original Article:

Leisure-time physical activity may lower risk of death, cardiovascular disease in older adults

By Tim Casey

Jan 06, 2017